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Buying a house

Buying A House

Your conveyancing solicitor plays a crucial part in ensuring the purchase of your property goes smoothly and to plan. Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, or possibly looking at buy to let or purchasing a property overseas, this is a summary of the type of work your conveyancing solicitor will undertake for you.

For First Time Buyers we have a special conveyancing package that offers as much support and guidance as you need to help you climb that first rung onto the property ladder. And, as a thank you for letting us assist you at this exciting time, we will give you a 50 discount off our usual conveyancing fees. Click here to instruct us now - even if you haven't actually found your perfect property yet, we can have everything in place so that when you are in a position to make an offer we can act as quickly as possible to secure your sale.

Buying a new build property is totally different to the normal house buying process. Often you will be required to exchange well before the property is ready to move into, as developers rely on selling off plots before the development is complete in order to allow them to complete the project ie buying 'off plan'. The moral if you are buying a new build is to instruct your solicitor immediately, even if your potential moving in date is months (or even years) away. Sometimes, especially in a competitive marketplace where a housebuilder has a waiting list for their properties, you will only be given four weeks between reserving a property and exchange of contracts so if you don't want to lose the new build property you've set your heart on, please contact us quickly so we can be acting on your behalf from day one.

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, first time-buyer or looking at a new build, this is a summary of the type of work your conveyancing solicitor will undertake for you.

Stage One: Property Sale Agreed

  • Checks the Legal Title and produces a property report to the client and informs them of all legal matters
  • Organises local authority searches and requests payment from you for the searches.
  • Gathers responses to any questions you may have regarding the purchase of the property, liaising with Estate Agent or the seller's conveyancer as appropriate. Presents you with the contract for signing.
  • Receives mortgage offer.
  • Collates results of the searches and deals with any queries/missing information as necessary.

Stage Two: Exchange of Contracts

  • Transfers your deposit to the seller's conveyancers
  • Prepares final completion statement for your approval/review. Collects any balance of funds required.
  • Prepares the deed of transfer and mortgage deed for your signature.
  • Organises searches - bankruptcy and priority.

Stage Three: Completion

  • Pays Stamp Duty
  • Registers your ownership of the property with HM Land Registry
  • Sends deeds to mortgage lender (if appropriate)

Many people will buy and sell a property at the same time, so as well as dealing with the purchase of your new property, your conveyancer will also deal with the sale of your 'old' property.